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Comprehensive In-Office
Tele-Optometry Eye Exams

20/20NOW gives optical retailers the ability to offer patients Ocular Tele-Health eye exams with live doctor consultations so they can buy their new glasses and contacts the same day.  Provide patients with walk-in exam availability, any day and time the optical is open, with tele-optometry.

Walk-in availability any day and time the optical is open


Increase in Optical Sales by offering on site eye exams


Full coverage availability. Monday – Saturday


Annual ROI for an optical store doing 100 exams per month.

Hear what Mr. Wonderful from the Shark Tank has to say about Tele-Optometry powered by 20/20NOW!

Cutting Edge Ocular

Subjective refraction performed by controlling a digital phoropter remotely.

Tele-optometry pre test

Complete Exam

  • Medical History
  • Visual Pre-Test
  • Digital Refraction
  • Digital Slit Lamp
  • Eye Health
  • Remote Consultation

Industry Leader

In-Office comprehensive Tele-Optometry eye exams by 20/20NOW are powered by patented software and processes that provide a thorough and accurate eye exam in 30 minutes or less.

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Schedule Appointments

Patients can schedule their appointments but our service is always available on demand, any time a patient walks in.

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Patient Exam

The patient has their full comprehensive eye exam, including doctor consultation, and is given a prescription at the end of the exam.

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Optical Sales

Patients can then purchase a pair of glasses or contacts directly from your store with their new prescription.

Grow Your Business with 20/20NOW and
Increase Optical Sales.

With the power of 20/20NOW you can increase your optical revenue.  Optical retailers that provide eye exams can significantly increase optical sales.

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Lower Daily Cost

20/20NOW charges a low fee for each exam with a daily maximum charge that can be less than the cost of paying an on-site provider for the day.

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Increase Revenue and Expand Exam Availability

Increasing access to eye exams increases optical sales and turns browsers into buyers.

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Low Start Up Costs to Maximize ROI

Integrated with 18 equipment companies so you can use many of the devices you already have. Easy financing is available with up to 6 months deferred payments.

Tele-optometry eye exam doctor consult

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What Tele-Optometry Experts Have to Say!

Optometry and Optical Leaders Across the Country say Tele-Optometry Powered by 20/20NOW is the Future of Eye Exams.

Dr. Chad Overman Tele-optometry leader

Dr. Chad Overman OD

Optometry Consultant

Tele-Optometry is the Future of Eye Exams

I enjoy working with a company who is as progressive at providing high quality comprehensive eye exams as 2020NOW.

Tele-optometry leader doctor rothschild

Dr. Mike Rothschild OD

Practice Owner & Industry Consultant

How Can I Best Take Care of My Patients

I founded Small Town Eyecare Partners with the primary objective of implementing Tele-Optometry services in a high quality way to bring much needed eye care to underserved areas.  We strived to answer the question, “Can it be done?”  We now know that the answer is very clearly, “Yes.”

Stacie Sidwell

Board Certified Optician, ABOC, NCLEC
Freedom Optical Inc.

Proud To Be the First Independent Optical In My Community

“Freedom Optical is proud to be the first independent optical in Brevard Florida to offer full Comprehensive Eye Exams powered by 2020NOW and a team of Certified Ophthalmic Technicians along with a panel of Eye Doctors”

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