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GVS Partners with 20/20NOW to Provide the First Mobile Eye Care Center Using Ocular Telehealth

October 6, 2018 | Articles | 0 Comments

NEW YORK – General Vision Services (GVS), a leading vision benefits provider, and 20/20NOW, the inventor of ocular telehealth eye exams, are partnering to create the first mobile eye care center featuring ocular telehealth. Commencing in August the center will provide on-site eyecare and eyewear services at GVS client locations. Members of GVS clients will be able to take care of all their optical needs while at work.

According to Maureen Flaherty, VP of Network Operations for GVS, “After reviewing the available tele-health options GVS selected 20/20NOW because of their standard of care and experience within the ocular tele-health space.” Ms. Flaherty continued, “this new digital healthcare technology will enable us to provide our members with convenient access to eyecare services while at the same time lowering costs. Oftentimes members don’t receive regular eye exams because they have to take time off work to see the doctor. With ocular telehealth, members are now able to receive comprehensive eyecare in a very convenient and cost-efficient manner.”

Per Chuck Scott, 20/20NOW CEO and telehealth industry veteran, “This is another example how telehealth can improve access to state-of-the-art equipment and digital comprehensive eye exams. We look forward to partnering with GVS to improve the customer experience.”

GVS also shared that it recently contracted with Black Car Services, including Uber, Lyft and others to provide vision benefits to their qualified drivers in the greater NY metro region and that the new mobile eye care center, in conjunction with its PPO Network, will be used to provide eyecare services to the drivers. According to Executive VP of GVS, Tony Rosario, “we are thrilled to provide such an innovative employee vision benefit to Black Car Service drivers.”

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