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Ocular Tele-Health Exams
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Our Tele-Optometry eye exam begins with the patient electronically completing a questionnaire to capture their medical history and establish the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).



An on-site optical assistant uses an autorefractor and autokeratometer to provide an objective baseline reading of the patient’s prescription. If the patient wears glasses, the prescription is read using an auto-lensometer.



Using state-of-the-art, digital phoropters, a subjective refraction and clinical vision analysis is performed on the patient in the optical store in real-time via HD video conferencing by a remote doctor or technician. Scientific algorithms are used to guide the process to arrive at the best prescription that optimizes the patient’s comfort and vision.



The on-site optical technician then performs a series of tests to evaluate the patient’s eye health, including tests for glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataracts. The comprehensive eye exam includes the following tests/assessments:

  • Ocular Alignment and Motility
  • Pupil Function
  • Color Vision
  • Anterior Segment of the Eye; using Digital Slit Lamp images & videos
  • Non-Contact Tonometry to test eye pressure
  • Visual Field Testing to measure peripheral vision
  • Fundus Photography to analyze the retina and optic nerve



All the data and images from the patient’s medical history and eye exam are securely transferred to a remote licensed optometrist.  The doctor carefully reviews the patient’s eye health with them in real-time via HD video conferencing and finalizes their prescription.



All the data and images from the patient’s medical history, pre-testing, subjective acuity testing, eye health tests, doctor assessment, and final prescription are captured and maintained as part of the patient’s EMR. This allows the doctor to easily monitor changes in the patient’s vision and eye health over time and allows for complete portability of the patient’s medical records.



Within minutes of completing the exam, the doctor electronically sends the patient’s prescription to the location, where it’s printed and given to the patient— allowing them to purchase eyeglasses or contacts while still in the store. The doctor will note any eye health issues and, if needed, after speaking to the patient via live video conferencing will refer the patient for follow-up care.



Upon completing the eye exam, patients are asked to complete a brief survey. Patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive with 98% patient satisfaction and 84% of patients reporting they plan to recommend the 20/20NOW eye exam to a friend or relative.

Increase Optical Sales

With Tele-Optometry

Optical retailers that provide comprehensive eye exams during all of their operating hours can significantly increase their optical revenue.

Offering eye exams, means more at risk patients seen, more prescriptions, and more glasses and contacts are sold.

Seamless Integration

20/20NOW Provides Seamless Integration of Technology and People

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Whether you have existing technology or need new equipment, we can assess what you will need to implement Tele-Optometry in your practice.


20/20NOW provides the software and integration needed to connect your ophthalmic equipment with our EMR and refraction software platform. We can export completed medical records to your existing EHR or practice management solutions.

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Professional Services

20/20NOW provides professional services consisting of certified remote technicians to perform the subjective visual acuity tests through automated refractive instruments  and optometrists presence through high-definition, real-time, video conferencing. Our remote optometrists perform the comprehensive exams and finalize the needed eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. We bring the doctor to the patient.


We take care of everything, from site planning and installation to training your staff.


20/20NOW provides 5 days of onsite training to get your team ready to perform the pre testing and facilitation of the remote exams.


20/20NOW has a full U.S. based team in house, both clinical and IT, dedicated to supporting your business.


With many different Tele-Health options to choose from and state regulatory landscapes to maneuver in, we know you have a lot of questions.  These are just a few of the most common questions.

It depends on what you have. We are integrated with 18 different original equipment manufacturers. Most of the new devices can easily be integrated or already have been. The same is true for many older technologies.  Past a certain manufacturer date you may need to upgrade the equipment. We are a distributor for many different brands of technology and can get you what you need at a discounted purchase price.  The first question we will ask is for the make and models of whatever you currently have in your exam lane. To meet the standard of care you will need a Non Contact Tonometer, Lensmeter, ARK, Fundus camera, Visual Field, Digital Slit Lamp, and a Digital Phoropter.  Please don’t buy anything new without speaking to us first.

You can visit our pricing page to learn more.  We have two main business models.  Eye doctors and optical stores in “one door states” can hire us like an associate doctor with a tiered per exam price model based on the number of exams we perform each month.  For optical retailers in “two door states” we sublease the exam space for a fair market value. We set the exam fee and collect it and do not charge a per exam fee to the business owner.  We can sublease the space in “one door states” as well, but you are better off financially speaking, in setting and collecting your own exam fees.

Now we’re talking!  In a state we are currently operating in with doctors already licensed, we can have you installed and up and running in as little as two weeks depending on our current installation schedule. One item that can take 30 days or more is getting enrolled in your vision plans. Unfortunately we have no control over that timeline.  If it is all out of network and self-pay or you want to get started that way, we can get you started quickly.

We have two paths we can go by once we sign a contract. Many states allow reciprocal licensing for our doctors in neighboring states so we may be able to get started very quickly.  A few states are prohibitive in getting licensed and only offer once or twice per year in person exams. In those instances we will recruit and hire new doctors.  The time it will take can vary depending on each state.

That’s great, we are here to answer all your questions. Contact us by clicking on the link below and we will connect you with one of our team members.

Have More Questions?

We wish it were simple, but if it was, everyone could do it. Contact us today to discuss what is required to get started.