20/20NOW combines modern tele-health technology with state-of-the-art digital equipment to provide you with an accurate eyeglass prescription from a licensed eye doctor.

1Medical History

The process begins with you completing a short questionnaire to capture your medical history and current eye symptoms. All of the questions asked relate to your overall eye health and are important for the doctor to know.

2Visual Pre-testing

The on-site optical assistant will take some measurements using digital equipment. These measurements only take a few moments to complete and include measuring the strength of your current glasses and baseline vision.

3Visual Acuity Testing

Using in-store state-of-the-art HD digital equipment, the remote certified technician will remote into the exam room in real-time and review your medical history with you. The technician will then control the phoropter machine (is it better one or two?) to test your vision. 20/20NOW developed a special scientific algorithm to guide the vision test process so we find the best prescription that optimizes your comfort and clarity. We test your distance, intermediate, and up-close reading vision so you can see your best no matter the situation.

4Clinical Review By A Licensed Doctor

All the data from your refraction (is it better one or two) is securely transferred to a remote licensed Optometrist or Ophthalmologist (eye doctor), who meticulously reviews and interprets the information to determine your new eyeglass prescription. The eye doctor will also recommend a referral for a comprehensive eye health examination if they deem necessary.

5Patient Rx and Referral

Within minutes of completing the exam, your eye doctor electronically sends the new eyeglass prescription to the printer for you to bring to the Optician. The on-site optician will then take over and help you find a new pair of glasses and sunglasses.