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How Tele-Optometry Plays a Key Role in Your COVID-19 Recovery Plan

May 11, 2020 | Trends & Perspective | 0 Comments

It is hard to believe that the recent slowdown has gifted practice owners with time to take a step back, reflect on their current practice and dream of where they want to go next. Forward and prosperous thinking now can help your practice not only withstand the pandemic this year but thrive in any of the next waves of life’s unpredictability. There are two main phases your practice will move through during this recovery process. The use of telemedicine plays an integral part in each of those phases and are a key part to your future success. First, we need to play catch up, then build up.

The first phase – CATCH UP – starts now.

Weeks of office closures do not reduce the number of patients who need care: it simply creates a backlog of patients. With safe re-opening procedures in place it doesn’t appear possible to double up on appointment times, nor is it healthy to work 70 hours a week to fit all your patient requests. Our team of Certified Technicians and Optometrists can work in conjunction with your doctors to clear up the backlog of patients.

• Prioritize your time by seeing the more pressing and complex medical cases while the 20/20NOW doctors handle the routine eye exams and contact lens renewals. Your patients are seen at your office and with your staff for continuity of care and brand recognition.
• Expand your patient hours to accommodate the backlog of patients and schedule new patients. Our doctors offer additional coverage on evenings and weekends. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is integral to your mental health and well-being.
• Doctors who are immunocompromised, in the high-risk group or are having to juggle children and work amid school and summer camp closures are able to continue practicing from the      comfort of their home.
• Other doctors in town will have a backlog of patients as well: capture new patients by being to see them right away through tele-optometry.
• Be prepared to see patients with minimal contact in the event of a second wave of the virus.

After the initial rush of backed up patients begins to subside, and the virus starts to fade away, it is time for phase two – BUILD UP. Implementing tele-optometry now can help your practice regain its solid footing and build up its patient base.

It may seem counterintuitive to consider opening a satellite location with two months of lost productivity this year. But, by implementing the 20/20NOW remote eye exam system a streamlined additional location becomes financially achievable.

• Maximize the efficiency of your current ODs by having them see patients in two places at once.
• Look for growth opportunities with ODs that might not return to their practices.
• Reach a new vision and contact lens patient base to feed medical issues to your main location
• Build a brand footprint without increasing your work hours or hiring a new doctor
• Build a healthy work/life balance. See more patients without sacrificing time with your family.

If you currently have multiple locations the 20/20NOW system fits in seamlessly. Your doctors can service more patients with increased efficiency by utilizing tele-optometry. Seeing patients in multiple locations at once reduces overhead costs and increases per location profitability.

Optical sales are linked to doctor availability. Tele-optometry allows doctors to be available throughout working hours in all of your locations without adding additional professional services costs. Click here to play with our financial calculator to understand additional profits your practice can realize.

COVID-19 has brought telemedicine to the forefront society’s consciousness. Utilization for all types of healthcare needs continue to expand, which is our new norm. Patients just want to be taken care of conveniently, and doctors want to take care of their patients. Tele-Optometry and providing in-office Remote Eye Exams provide a link between doctors and patients.

Now is the time to recoup the losses that this pandemic has handed us and look into the future with optimism. As the inventor and industry leader in tele-optometry, 20/20NOW is poised and positioned to partner with your practice to help you flourish.

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