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Integrated devices in our Tele-optometry platform.

Digital Phoropters

Two top choices for a digital phoropter, whether in office or remote.

Visionix – VX65

Topcon CV 5000

When it comes to digital phoropters the Visionix VX65 and Topcon CV5000 are the top choices by eye care providers. The Visionix VX65 is the primary choice for optical retailers due to the low comparable cost while the Topcon CV5000 has excellent reliability. Both of these units as well as the Marco 5100/6100, Huvitz, Yeason, and Medizis phoropters able to be integrated for remote operation for Tele-Optometry by 20/20NOW.

Digital Slit Lamp

Digital slit lamp

Mediworks Firefly S390

The optics in the new Firefly leap over previous models and those of competitors. Coupled with the high-resolution and 5 Mega Pixels video output, you won’t be missing anything.

This digital slit lamp has time-saving features, including: Automatic exposure
Auto white balance, with an adjustable depth of field and dynamic range.

The built-in infrared lighting system captures a larger scope in meibomian glands.

The module’s adjustable depth-of-field allows you to create vivid images for diagnosis and to share with patients.

Their new LED illuminator is mounted inline with the slit lamp beam. The adjustable beam of light enhances both video and still images.

Fundus Photography

There are a wide range of options for widefield views. These are a few of our favorites.

Optos Ultra Wide Field Imaging

Best in class ultra wide field imaging is hands down provided by an Optomap from Optos. They boast a wide range of products including the latest entry, the Silverstone, which is the only ultra-widefield retinal imaging device with integrated UWF-guided swept source OCT. Silverstone produces a 200° single-capture optomap image in less than ½ second.

Optos is a great option for medical practices however the price point is often a non starter for optical retailers.

Icare compassionate

iCare Compass

The iCare Compass is a 60 degree wide field true color camera and is the first automated perimeter that can perform standard visual field tests using a real-time retinal tracker while delivering ultra-high resolution confocal TrueColor fundus images at the same time.

compass retinal image

iCare DRS Plus

For the busy optical retailer with a budget, the DRS Plus combines confocal imaging, fast image capture on 2mm pupils and an affordable price as well as a sleek new design.

Visionix VX120


We’re big fans of the VX120 imaging system from Visionix. The VX120 Multi-Diagnostic Unit combines the functions of an autorefractor, a keratometer, a corneal topographer, a wavefront aberrometer, a pachymeter, and a non-contact tonometer combined with anterior chamber analysis into one of the most advanced and space saving instruments in your practice.

Visionix Measurement Devices

While the VX120 boasts powerful imaging in a multi unit design, all that convenience does come at a cost. For offices on a budget the VX90 ARK is a powerful workhorse at a fraction of the price of the closest competitor.



Marco LM-7

Visionix VX-36

Visionix VX-40

Digital lensmeters have come a long way in recent years. The Marco LM-7 is a great automated lensmeter with a mid price point. The Visionix VX36 is a competitively priced automated lensmeter while the VX40 is a fully automated device that detects and analyzes bifocal, progressive, and single vision lenses and is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.

VisuALL VRP (Virtual Reality Platform)

Olleyes VisuALL

The VisuALL is a VR visual field perimeter designed for standardized and mobile assessment of the visual field. VisuALL automatically analyzes the retinal sensitivity in patients with Glaucoma and other visual disorders. VisuALL enables the examination of multiple patients at a time increasing office productivity.

The VisuALL was clinically validated by one of the top eye hospitals in the US and is the only Visual Field Testing device that allows home monitoring of patients. This remote monitoring is covered by RPM billing codes that were added in 2019.

Handheld Tonometer

iCare IC 100

iCare IC100 is a reliable choice for all eye care professionals. With this tonometer, you can measure the intraocular pressure of patients in a sitting or standing position. Optometrists and ophthalmologists have successfully used IC100 for routine IOP measurement and glaucoma screenings, as measuring has never been more accessible – just load, align and measure.

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