Simple Pricing for

Well, we wish it were simple, it really depends on your business and what you need.  Once we figure that out, it really is simple.


About $1,500 per month to finance.

If you do not have any equipment and are doing a new exam lane and pre test build,  it would require about $85,000 worth of pre testing and diagnostic equipment including our software and telecommunications package.

Financed that would be about $1,500 per month plus shipping and tax.  If you already have equipment, we need to figure out what you have that can be integrated and then we can make a customized price quote with an exact figure. 

Talk with a team member to create a personalized equipment list for your office. 

  • Get a custom quote for what you need
  • Financing available

Exam Fees

The choice is mostly yours!

Tiered Pricing Model

If you are an an optical retailer or an eye doctor you can contract with our professional corporation to provide services for less per week than an onsite doctor costs per day.

You collect the exam fees from the patients. That gives you more flexibility in how you collect or bundle exam fees.

We charge you per exam with two tiers of pricing that provide flexibility based on the number of exams you do per month. 

  • Discount available for higher volume customers
  • Lower costs than a per diem doctor
  • Enterprise pricing available for multi-location customers

Sublease Model

If you are an optical retailer and want to bill for exams, in most situations the best option is for us to sublease your exam space for a fair market value.

We set and collect the fees from the patient and do not charge you a per exam fee. 

If you are in a state where you can not hire a doctor directly and do not bill for the exam or don’t want to, we can sublease the space and do it instead.

  • No exam fees
  • We pay you a sublease
  • We do the credentialing and billing
Equipment financing is subject to business credit.  Subleasing or tiered pricing model is subject to approval and regulations in each state.

Licensing and Distributors

Businesses with their own network of providers may qualify for licensing of our software and system. International distributor opportunities may also be available depending on the country.

Accepted Payment Methods

In a sublease model we provide a credit card terminal for patient co-pays and we accept most vision plans. With a tiered pricing model, we invoice at the end of each month for the exam payments due.

Let’s Talk About ROI

Optical retailers make the majority of their income on exams from the glasses and contact lens purchases. If you need all the equipment it would cost approximately $1,500 per month with tax and shipping. If you did only 2 exams per day, 50 per month, the exams fees in a one door state would be about $2,500. Total monthly cost would be about $4,000 and you would net about, $10,000 in optical sales. Resulting in about $6,000 monthly cash flow. or approximately a 100% annual ROI. On just 2 exams per day

Tele-optometry revenue
Just 2 exams per day = 50 /Month
Optical sales for tele-optometry
$250 profit per pair = $10,000 in optical sales
“Installing Tele-Optometry by 20/20NOW increased my optical sales 45% after my optometrist retired.”
Tele-optometry thought leader

Steve in California

Financing Available

Funding Well Capital is a preferred financial lending partner.  If you would like to secure financing you can email [email protected]

Stearns Bank is a preferred financial lending partner.  If you would like to secure financing you can visit

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