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Dr. Mike Rothschild is a leader in Tele-optometry and Ocular Telehealth.

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Expand Exam Coverage

Increase Optical Sales

Provide comprehensive eye exams

Contact lens fits

Clear backed up schedules

Provide Walk In Availability

Provide exams all the hours the optical is open

Coverage for nights and weekends

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See How It Works

  • With 20/20NOW you can serve patients with Tele-optometry when an on-site doctor isn’t available.
  • We train your on site technician to perform the usual pretesting and facilitate the remote eye exam.
  • Our doctors and technicians perform a live remote refraction and live clinical review.
  • Our doctors prescribe a new Rx immediately so the patient can purchase optical same day. 
increased optical revenue

Increased Revenue

  • Increasing eye exams results in increased eyewear revenue.
  • Studies show patients that have to wait more than 2 weeks for an eye exam will seek care elsewhere.
  • Clear your backlog and offer walk-in availability.
  • With 20/20NOW there’s always a doctor available.
man in glasses after tele-optometry exam

New Patients with Great Results

  • Our remote digital eye exams have less than a 1.5% redo rate.
  • With 98% patient satisfaction, you’ll generate powerful word of mouth advertising to attract new patients.
  • Schedule a demo today to see how the exam process works.

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